Mayor Kenney accepts Brockton mayor's Rocky statue bet

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Philadelphia's iconic Rocky statue could be forced to sport New England Patriots colors thanks to a Super Bowl wager with the Massachusetts hometown of heavyweight champ Rocky Marciano.

Brockton Mayor Bill Carpenter said Thursday that Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney had agreed to the Rocky vs. Rocky bet.

If Philadelphia wins the big game, Brockton's statue of the undefeated Marciano will be clad in Eagles gear. If New England wins, Philadelphia's Rocky will wear Patriots attire.

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In a video posted on Carpenter's Facebook page, Kenney says he can't promise a Patriots jersey would last long in Philadelphia. He joked that the city might have to grease the statue to prevent fans from scaling it to remove the gear.

Similar measures didn't stop people from climbing light poles in celebration after the NFC championship game.

Vikings fans attempted to dress up the Rocky statue ahead of the NFC Championship game prior to their team's defeat.