Media woman in need of a kidney spreads the word behind the wheel

A Media woman suffering from kidney failure is desperately searching for a donor, and her family is spreading the word any way they can.

Jaqueline Heidin was put on the kidney donor list two years ago, and is desperately in need of a kidney.

Jaqueline and her mother, Michelle Craig, realized that they needed to be proactive in getting the word out, so they're doing it from behind the wheel.

There are six cars driving around Media and beyond that are catching peoples' attention with a special message written on the back.

The message includes contact information and this message, "My daughter needs a kidney, type O blood."

The family also puts flyers on cars all over town to spread the word even more.

Jaqueline's health problems began while she was pregnant with her now 4-year-old son, Jordan. She was diabetic and pregnant, and it turned out to be a recipe for kidney failure.

Jaqueline now sleeps hooked up to a dialysis machine, and every day is a struggle for her and her family.

Jaqueline's husband, Richard, met her at dialysis through his job as a driver for dialysis patients. The former firefighter sees the struggle inside and outside of their home.

"I used to transport dialysis patients every day for 13 years, and I used to see the reactions day in and day out. It's a scary situation," said Richard.

Dialysis is working for now, but it's just a temporary fix. "The next step is really to maintain and be as healthy as I can be in the condition I'm in, and wait and pray that someone comes along," said Jaqueline.

Jaqueline needs a donor with type O blood, and Michelle says the cost is covered. "You don't have to worry about bills, we'll pay your bills. We'll do it, we'll make everything right. Just give me a piece of your body, it's crazy," said Michelle.