Meeting held in Fishtown after parking spaces reserved for police use

Yet another parking battle is brewing on the streets of Philadelphia; this time the trouble is in Fishtown.

Parking in the city is always at a premium, but residents say they now have even fewer spots because of the nearby police station.

Neighbors say the city's decision to install new restricted parking signs on Moyer and Montgomery Streets in Fishtown came without notice or community discussion.

Fishtown is already bursting at the seams with new construction and more and more people. That had already made everyone's parking problems worse.

Along with the residential population, the 26th Philadelphia Police District says their staff has increased, and their officers need the parking spaces for their personal vehicles.

Neighbors are asking for some sort of compromise, especially after they started getting tickets for violating the newly installed signs last weekend.

Then, on a Monday night several sacred parking spots in the restricted zone were left unused. Something neighbors say happens daily, while local families are inconvenienced.

The police department now says a captain will be holding a community meeting about the issue in the near future.