Mega Millions mojo has many hoping they hold tickets to Easy Street

Two lottery jackpots, Mega Millions and Powerball, worth more than 1 billion combined, have people dreaming of a jackpot, or two.

"Once I spin around like this, it’s on!" said lottery winner hopeful Billy.

It ain’t what you do but the way that you do it. Billy’s trying to get his Mega Millions tickets the same way his dad, a habitual Pick 3 winner, gets his. That’s what he says gets results.

"It’s just old people luck. It’s just…I don’t know what it is about my dad, but he wins every couple of months. So, I’m hoping the fact that I’m bringing him up brings some luck to this ticket right here," Billy remarked.

Same action all over Hamilton and across New Jersey. Nobody wins for a while. The jackpot is over 600 million, the highest in two years, and everyone’s in the mix. Combine it with Wednesday’s Powerball drawing and there’s more than 1 billion to be won.

"I been coming here for 50 something years," stated another hopeful.

"How many winners you got?" asked FOX 29’s Hank Flynn.

"Not too many, but I’m a sucker. I keep playing," the hopeful replied.

Fred and Pete’s has been a Hamilton lottery hub for more than half a century. Good breakfast, too. But, whether it’s a famine or a frenzy, Marie still sells more than her fair share of tickets.

"We had a lot of winners here," Marie said.

"Yeah what’s that about? That mojo? You can’t buy that kind of mojo," Flynn remarked.

"It’s my hands. It’s my lucky hands, pressing them buttons for them!" Marie exclaimed.

Last Mega Million winner was September, where someone in Wisconsin won 120 million.

"There’s the money. There’s the winners. Right there," another lottery hopeful stated.



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