Memorial Day Parade in Media brings folks together to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice

Memorial Day is always about barbecues and the beach and of course parades, but so many people, especially Veterans, want everyone to remember that it’s about so much more.

"For me it’s a day of remembrance. There was a lot of people, I was lucky I was able to come home," said Raymond Fox.

Raymond Fox fought in Vietnam and has trouble finding the exact words to describe what this day should mean to our country. 

"It's about the people that gave their lives for first of all for what they believed in and two remember the Goldstar families who aren’t celebrating with their family," said Fox.

"It Just brings back memories of those heroes, who fell not only in the most recent era, but also in World War II, Vietnam and Korea, and the fact I think a lot of people are not aware of sacrifices," said Retired Major David Irving, PA National Guard.

And it’s not just veterans lining up to pay their respects.


The O’Brien Family came out to show their gratitude as well. 

"My husband is an army veteran and it’s very important to him to teach our children about the meaning of memorial day. Not just the fun stuff," said Nancy O’Brien, Media resident. 

Even the little ones were completely aware of the day’s importance.

"Today is a day about the veterans who died," said Nora O’Brien, first grade.

"Memorial day is like when the Veterans Died in the war , so we celebrate it for the veterans who died," said Brendan O’Brien, second grade. "Some people miss their moms and dads."

Brendan O’Brien says he’s happy he gets to hug his dad every single day. "Very proud of him because he was in the war and he made it back."

However, so many others did not return, and so we remember them today and always.

The veterans said they’d like to remind everyone to please thank a member of the military if you see them because it really does mean so much.