Men accused of putting skimmers at bank ATMs in Bensalem

Bensalem police say two men are putting skimmers on ATMs in the area.

"Oh geez. That's the size of it?" said Nancy Richmond. I showed Nancy and her husband Charlie pictures of one of the skimmers police found on a drive-up ATM at a BB&T Bank on Bristol Road near where the Richmond's live.

"It's scary small because you wouldn't see it," said Nancy. Charlie says he's familiar with the scam and how criminals will put them anywhere.

"They've been putting them on gas pumps also," he said. Police say the duo placed the skimmer at BB&T on January 9th. The bank was notified of unusual activity at the ATM which started the investigation and led to the skimmer.

"I would never even notice," said Anna Skop. She was out grocery shopping with her 7-year old son Eric and says she tries to take precautions with her debit and credit cards.

"I'm trying not to use any ATMs whether at the gas stations, at Wawa or whatever," said Skop.

Investigators say these same suspects also put skimmers in other locations. Brian Surrick says he keeps an eye out.

"Most places yeah. Most ATMs and stuff outside but most stores no or gas stations," said Surrick.

Investigators also want you to keep an eye out for the suspects. The obvious cameras they ignored captured clear pictures of them with a device in hand.

"It definitely makes you want to pay attention but I believe drugs has a lot to do with it and I think that's causing a lot of the crime and what not," said Charlie.

Police say the same two men also put skimmers in other locations in Bensalem, Lower Merion and other areas.