Mercedes strikes, injures pedestrians at Oakland airport

Alameda County sheriff's officials said a collision at Oakland International Airport on Monday evening was not an act of terrorism and passengers at the airport are safe.

"Your loved ones are safe," sheriff's Sgt. Ray Kelly said after a red Mercedes SUV jumped a curb and injured three pedestrians at about 6:10 p.m. at Terminal 1.

Kelly said it appears the collision occurred when an unlicensed driver got his foot stuck on the accelerator after dropping off friends. Officials say he clipped a silver vehicle in the process. The driver, identified Tuesday as Juan Pablo, 56, of Oakland, was arrested on two felony counts of reckless driving and another count of driving without a license.

"According to him, his foot got stuck on the accelerator. He mistook the gas pedal for the brake," Kelly said. "He lost control of the vehicle, drove in towards the terminal building."

A fourth pedestrian was injured when either some luggage went airborne and struck them or a damaged light pole. All of the pedestrians were adults.

Kelly said the driver of the SUV did not report any injuries.

Two of the four pedestrians were taken to hospitals with slight to moderate injuries.

"He preliminarily told us he does not drive a vehicle a lot that he was unfamiliar with the car," said Kelly.

Traffic into the airport is moving freely again, but was stopped for a while and people tried to walk to catch their flights.

Investigators are using a special camera to do a 3D scan as they try to recreate the situation.