Million Father March: Dads walk children to school as part of national initiative

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Fathers from all over the city plan to walk their children to school then participate in a march as part of a national initiative.

27-year-old Kaleaf Wiggins is excited about his daughter Laila's first day of the new school year Wednesday. She'll be starting 5 th grade.

"I think it's very important that fathers step up and take care of their responsibility and it's a start," said Kaleaf. The day is special because it's the Million Father March in Philadelphia when fathers are asked to walk their children to school. Kaleaf participated last year too.

"It was amazing to see fathers walking with their child, just being one with each other and to see other fathers bumping the horn. It was a rush and feeling you can't get from doing anything else," he said.

As father and daughter get ready for the big day he reflects on the impact the Million Father March has on them. He even spoke at City Hall last week alongside organizers announcing the event.

"When you're walking your child to school and your child is talking and they're telling you oh I'm going to do this or I'm going to get honor roll. And then when these things manifest it's like wow my child told me that on the first walk home from school and the first walk to school."

The Million Father March is a national initiative. David Fattah with the "House of Umoja" heads the one in Philadelphia.

"We found out when fathers come up there the kids are a lot more serious about school. So we want to put in their mind to be serious, inspirational and to do well," said Fattah.

Kaleaf says he'll walk his daughter to school then try to meet up with other men who are also marching to neighborhood schools.

"It's a memory and it's a moment that's priceless," he said.

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