Mom Fends Off Burglar with Louisville Slugger

DETROIT (FOX 2)- What should you do if someone is breaking into your house? That's a decision one Detroit mom had to make early Saturday morning, and she came out swinging.

Andrea doesn't want to give her last name, for fear of retaliation, but she says when a robber tried to get into her bedroom while she was sleeping, she quickly grabbed her baseball bat.

"This bat was behind my door over there," she told FOX 2's Josh Landon, "No sooner than I [saw] his foot through the window, I slammed [him] three times with this bat. I tried to break that leg."

She believes the same man she scared away broke into her home on Northlawn Street Friday evening and stole everything she bought for Christmas. She believes he came back early Saturday morning to finish the job.

Detroit Police are investigating.

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