Momo Challenge prompts warning for Brick Township, N.J. parents

A warning for parents about a very disturbing game circulating on social media called the "Momo Challenge." It features a scary avatar who asks children to perform various tasks. When they don't finish the tasks, it threatens them.

Things can escalate into serious violent acts, including suicide.

"Why would people even think of something to do, something so horrible, to children? I just don't understand," stated Justine Primak.

Primak is asking the same question a growing number of Brick Township, New Jersey parents are asking, after learning the school district is taking action on a dangerous fame played by kids.

It's called the Momo Challenge.

It's violent, daring and fronted by the creepy avatar popping up all over social media and messaging services.

"It's scary! It scares me and I'm 31-years-old! I can't even imagine," exclaimed Primak.

The superintendent of Brick Township Schools sent a letter out to parents as a warning after children were talking about the game in classes.

District officials say someone using the demonic avatar chats with children and teens and asks them to do small things, up to significantly violent acts and asks for proof in pictures.

It's reportedly been linked to at least three suicides around the world.

"I can't even fathom the thought of like why? What is wrong with people today that they would create something like this to just ruin children?" asked Primak.

The Momo Challenge and avatar has appeared on dozens of social media accounts on multiple platforms.

Brick Township School officials say the superintendent has been meeting with parents all day. Family psychologists tell Fox 29 parents need to get involved by seeing the potential danger first hand.

"Parents should go through it themselves, see how bad it is and discuss it with their children and show that this can be very harmful," family psychologist Doctor Frank Farley said.