Mom's Facebook post questions deceased daughter's drug dealer on her birthday

They say there's nothing worse than losing a child. It can happen in too many ways.

Parents suffer with the agony differently and this month, Tina Wells Louden‎ mourned what would've been her daughter's birthday in an unusual way.

Ashley Shannon was hooked on heroin, according to The Washington Post. The paper reported Ashley started with prescription pills but turned to heroin eight years ago. Three years ago, an overdose killed her.

Louden took the opportunity to make a public call for action.

She opened up and shared a personal, emotional Facebook post questioning Ashley's drug dealer, asking how he or she can live with themselves, and even encouraged the post to be shared "so all the drug dealers see what they are doing to our families."

That Facebook post most definitely turned viral. More than a quarter-million people shared it.

Louden has opened up before on the sad subject before, something a lot of parents are not able to do.