Moorestown residents holding water rally ahead of decision regarding contaminated well

Residents in Moorestown will be holding a clean water rally before a council meeting where a decision will be made regarding a contaminated well.

The rally will be held at 6:45 p.m. at Moorestown's Town Hall.

The decision on the well will be made at the Moorestown Town Council meeting and council members and the town manager will vote on whether to shut down the well.

The township council in Moorestown, New Jersey held an emergency meeting on February 10 with people demanding answers as to why their drinking water is contaminated.

Township officials assured residents the water is safe, despite higher traces of chemicals are still being found in the water after more than 2 years.

Officials say the contaminants are not at harmful levels.

The township is already in the processes of building three new water treatment plants and replacing old mains, but those fixes are years away.