Mother and Army Vet Named as Victims of Planned Parenthood Shooting: Reports

Two victims of Friday's Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting were named in reports Sunday as an Army veteran and a mother of two.

Family members have identified veteran Ke'Arre M. Stewart and Jennifer Markovsky as victims killed when police say a gunman stormed the women's healthcare facility with an AK-47 style weapon and opened fire, killing three.

The other victim was University of Colorado police officer Garrett Swasey, who responded to the sitaution that would also leave nine people hospitalized.

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Stewart, who was reportedly an Iraq War veteran, was named as a victim by family members. Stewart's wife told KKTV that he leaves behind children whose lives will never be the same, though more information about those children was not immediately available.

Tronda Stewart, who identified herself as Stewart's aunt to the Washington Post, told the paper her nephew was an "entrepreneur."

"He was always trying to make things better for him and his family," she said.

Also on Sunday, the father of Jennifer Markovsky revealed his 36-year-old daughter--a wife and mother of two--was the third victim.

John Ah-King told the Denver Post that his daughter was accompanying a friend to the clinic, which provides healthcare services including abortions, when she was killed in the attack.

"I couldn't believe it," Ah-King told the Denver Post. "I just messaged her Thursday to say happy Thanksgiving."

Markovsky grew up in Hawaii. According to a Facebook profile with her name and personal details, she was married to Paul Markovsy and lived in Colorado Springs.

On Sunday, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper said only that a man and a woman had died, in addition to the police officer, and did not elaborate.

The AP reports that an official said the two would not be identified by the city until after autopsies were performed Monday.

INSIDE EDITION was not able to independently verify the identities of the second and third victims.

Garrett Swasey, 44, was identified following the shooting Friday. He was an active member of his church, a former pastor, and a former competitive ice skater.

Swasey leaves behind his wife, Rachel, as well as a son and daughter.

Arrested following the hours-long stand-off was Robert L. Dear, who police say laid siege to the building and remained holed up in the clinic for several hours in a tense standoff with police.

Five officers were injured and hospitalized in good condition.

Authorities would not say was not clear if anti-abortion ideology was behind the shooting, nor did police say if the Planned Parenthood was the scene of the attack for any specific reason.

However, officials have revealed to NBC News that Dear told them "no more baby parts" duing an interrogation. They also say he made comments about President Obama.

Dear allegedly held the clinic hostage for some five hours during which he made no attempt to communicate to officers outside the building, who could hear intermittent gunfire inside. Swasey also shot at cops from inside the building.

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