Mother and Son Thank EMT Who Saved Their Lives Two Years Ago

Julie Carnes and her 2-year-old son Sam made a special visit to Fire Station Number 14 in Hall County Tuesday to publicly thank their hero, Hall County Firefighter EMT Jonathan Baker.

Carnes said, "If it wasn't for Jonathan we wouldn't be here."

In July of 2013, a pregnant Carnes began hemorrhaging at her Hoschton home. It was the Fourth of July weekend, her doctor was out of town, and the on-call physician wanted EMT Baker to transport her to a metro area hospital an hour away.

"You could definitely look at her and tell she needed help, she appeared to be losing a lot of blood," said Baker.

Baker assessed the situation and made a decision that Carnes said saved her life, and the life of her unborn child.

"The on call doctor told him to go ahead and drive us to Emory and he said she is my first priority she's not going to make it. She's going to the closest hospital which is Northeast Georgia," said Baker

While en route, Baker started working on her, and had her prepped and ready for surgery when she arrived. Doctors delivered Sam by emergency C-section.

Carnes said, "Words can't express how I feel, just very grateful and a whole lot of gratitude."

Today, Sam is a happy, healthy child. Baker's happy to see him doing so well.

"It's really awesome because obviously I didn't get to see him that night, but it makes you feel really good knowing I got to be part of that," said Baker.