Mother-daughter team kayaks 300 miles to raise awareness for breast cancer

A mother-daughter team is about to set off on an incredible journey. The two are planning to kayak 300 miles, and all for a good cause. The mother is a breast cancer survivor. Now, she and her daughter are hoping to make a difference for people going through the same battle.

The mother-daughter team arrived along the Delaware River in Burlington City on Saturday night after another 15 miles of kayaking, all part of a 300-mile journey to raise awareness for and support breast cancer research.

59-year-old Carolyn Choate and her daughter Sydney Turnbull have paddled close to 140 miles in the last week, almost halfway to their end goal of Baltimore Harbor next weekend.

Carolyn was diagnosed and successfully treated for breast cancer 14 years ago. She credits the work of doctors at the University of Maryland School of Medicine for her lifesaving treatment.

With her expansive kayaking journey, Carolyn wants to tribute Dr. Brodie, who created the life-saving drug the aromatase inhibitor for those diagnosed with breast cancer. She also wants to show that after doctors gave her three years to live, she went on to live 14 more. "It's a message of hope," she says.

Having her daughter there, she says, also acts as a reminder that the next generation needs to stay committed to the importance of cancer research.