Mother's Day rescue: Officers save ducklings who fell through sewer grate

Two Maine officers made sure a duck had a great Mother's Day after rescuing her 10 ducklings that fell through a sewer grate.

Rockland Police said on Sunday morning Sergeant Dan Duhamel and Officer Logan Finnegan were notified that the ducklings had fallen through the grate. 

The two officers jumped into action with Finnegan climbing into the sewer and several feet of water. 

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With the assistance of Duhamel, all 10 ducklings were reunited with their mother and escorted safely across the road.  

"One of the greatest and simultaneously most challenging aspects of police work is the unpredictability of the job… You never know what call for service or new challenge you may be faced with on any given day," the department post on its Facebook page. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.