Mysterious shooting has neighbors, police asking questions

Someone has been shooting at a Burlington County home and nobody seems to know who did it or why.

Edgewater Park police say they were called to Power Mill Lane just after midnight Wednesday because people heard gunshots being fired.

Officers found several bullet holes near the front door.

The person living there told police "he heard knocking on his door and checked from an upstairs window to see who was there, at which time he heard approximately 8-10 gunshots being fired."

But he didn't see anyone in the area, including anyone firing the weapon.

Neighbors also said they heard the shots, but saw no gunmen or vehicles leaving the area.

Officers checked several people and vehicles, but none were related to the shooting.

Two of the eight holes found in the doorway went into an empty upstairs bedroom.

Nobody was injured.

Police are asking anyone with information to call police at 609-877-3290.