Narberth passes ordinance imposing fines for people refusing to wear masks

Narberth passed an ordinance that will fine people $15 if they refuse to wear masks in required locations.

The mandate passed the borough council unanimously Wednesday night.  Mayor Andrea Deutsch says it covers specific parts of town.

"It requires people to wear masks in our shopping district downtown and on Montgomery Avenue and borough-owned properties so in parks and borough-owned buildings. Those are the areas it covers," she said.

She adds police can issue warnings and even give masks away to those who need one. You could be hit with a $15 ticket for repeated noncompliance.  It won’t get that far with Howard or Shelly.

"I agree 100%. Oh, because we’re in a pandemic and it’s not going away because people aren’t wearing masks," Howard told FOX 29's Hank Flynn.

There is opposition.  Tyler can’t see it being evenly enforced, especially when most haven’t worn masks outside all year.

"You move in between each other, the winds blowing the particles around. You’re not gonna get hit with it.  Plus, if you’re going to enforce it now, you have to enforce it everywhere.  At the same time. You can’t just do sections by sections," he said.


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