National Guard Helicopter Spots Marijuana Grow Site, Suspect Arrested

FALLS TWP., PA (WTXF)- A National Guard helicopter flying over Bucks County spots a major pot growing business, and helps police nab the alleged planter.

The Counter-Drug, Aerial Surveillance team says the shade of green gave it away.

The trees were hidden in plain sight in Falls Township right along Morrisville Road.

Police say they found $90,000 dollars' worth of pot, growing in the woods.

After crews cut down the 24 pounds, they started collecting DNA samples from trash lying around.

However, they didn't have to go far to find their suspect.

"It's pretty funny actually got his picture of his surprised look as his whole field was gone and see him very animated very upset someone took all his marijuana," said Lt. Hank Ward of Falls Township Police.

33-year old Daniel Santos, walked right up the trail straight to police.

Santos now faces numerous charges he's in jail since he was unable to post 10% of his nearly $1-million bail.