Nearly 30 shots fired at Philly rec center as city leaders work to create 'safe zones' near facilities: police

A shooting at a Lawncrest rec center Thursday night comes as the city of Philadelphia is trying to make rec centers safer for kids and with summer just weeks away.

Authorities say 27 bullets went flying at the intersection of Rising Sun Avenue and Comly Street. Police say it all started when the owner of a Mustang saw it was being broken into.

One of the bullets struck the glass of a nearby daycare center, traveling 30 feet inside to the play area. Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small says no one was hurt.

"At the time the bullet went into the daycare center, there were a total of 10 people. There were five employees, females, and there were five children. The children were all between the ages of two and four, so very young," Chief Small stated.

The Lawncrest Rec Center is also right at the intersection blocked off by police tape and a blood stain next to the bus stop.

While the bullets did not strike the rec center, 10 teens were inside at the time of the shootout. Brett Bessler is a union leader for rec center supervisors and says it’s frustrating responding to scenes of violence.

"We need to staff up. We need to make these recreation centers vibrant for our communities, so these things do not happen," Bessler said.

The shooting comes right after the mayor and city council announced the installation of over 100 security cameras to create "Safe Play Zones" near 14 city rec centers. Police are reviewing surveillance footage that shows a gun battle between two groups.

One witness stated, "Wild, wild west out there and it’s not working out for them. They’re too young. They’re getting hurt and killed at a young age. It’s sad to see."