Nebinger School holds meet and greet celebration days ahead of first day

Kids are heading back to school and one local school worked to get students and parents excited for the upcoming year, while everyone is hoping for a fairly normal school year.

"Excitement is at 1,000 percent," said Principal Ayana Townsend. Excitement filled the courtyard of George W. Nebinger School in Queen Village Thursday evening.

"Last year was a transitioning back from virtual. So, this year, now we're full throttle," said Townsend, who held a meet and greet for staff, parents and students but not in the traditional setting.

A green carpet in the school's colors welcomed everyone, greeted by little cheerleaders full of school spirit.

Kyleesha Stephens says her kids are ready. "We are super excited. It's been a very short summer," she commented.

Like many parents, Stephens is hoping for a more normal school year.

"The pandemic had everything all crazy but it looks great. It's a good kickoff to the school year and we're excited," remarked Stephens. At one station, kids designed their own school shirts and, across the yard, parents were grateful for a uniform swap table.

"Somebody like me, I have three children who go here, so each year I'm trying to make sure each kid has the season uniforms," she said.

There was a backpack give-a-way and what would a back-to-school jam be without music? It's actually Mr. D, the music teacher, hyping the students.

Students say there are pros and cons to starting a new year.

"I've been looking forward to going to middle school almost my whole life because it's one step away from high school," said Jennifer Hyden. Her friend Sariah Austin said, "I’m not looking forward to lockers because I don’t know how to open none of them. How do you twist the combination like I'm going to twist one way up and I’m lost already. All my stuff is gone. Oh well," she said.

The first day of school for Philadelphia students is Monday.