Neglected puppy found abandoned in Fort Worth apartment

A severely neglected puppy found abandoned in a Fort Worth apartment is on the road to recovery and looking for a new home.

The Humane Society of North Texas says they took in Sunny in early July after the miniature poodle was found abandoned in a Fort Worth apartment off of I-35 and Oak Grove.

The pup was found when the landlord did a walkthrough of an apartment that had been vacant for at least three weeks, the agency says. They believe Sunny had been abandoned even longer and left to starve. His coat was severely mangled and filled with fleas and bugs.

After getting a complete makeover, groomers were able to remove Sunny's unkempt mane and removed all the bugs and fleas, thanks to a team of groomers from PetSmart at Alliance Center. He is currently staying with a foster family until his sores are fully healed and gets back up to a healthy weight.

"Pets amaze us," the North Texas Humane Society said. "Even when terribly neglected, mistreated or abused, they find love and forgiveness naturally. He is the sweetest, butt wigglin', tail waggin', thankful, happy boy!"

Sunny will be ready for adoption on August 1. Anyone interested in adoption should contact the Humane Society of North Texas.

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