New culinary trend: Underground supper clubs

Strangers are gathering to be wowed by the chef. There's a catch though you can't sit with your date.

FOX 29's Chris O'Connell has more on the new culinary trend.

Kathy Fucci has eaten hundreds of meals in hundreds of restaurants over the years but tonight she's paying to eat somewhere she's never been with people she's never met, including FOX 29's Chris O'Connell.

"I live alone. I don't like going to restaurants alone but coming here I knew there was going to be a table of 14 people," she said.

Welcome to the new trend of underground in-home supper clubs.

Professional chef's like David Moody are trading in traditional brick and mortar restaurants for trendy pop-up dinners cooked at homes. He held this one in his Wilmington home guiding us through a meal inspired by southern India

A website called Feastly has been called the culinary equivalent to Airbnb.

Local chefs post pop-up fixed menu dinners night after night ranging from 30-120 bucks a head.

The experience puts the focus on not just the food but the people you eat it with.

"They come in as strangers and leave as friends," Moody said.

Right now, it's only available locally in Wilmington but expected to go live in Philly soon. In most cities you can find 40 or 50 chefs offering pop-up dinners on any given weekend.