New hope for 14-year-old N.J. teen on life support

A family is one step closer in the fight to save their 14-year-old son. Doctors at CHOP declared the teen brain dead. After weeks of a legal battle, the teen's family may have found someone who's willing to help. The family says there is now a chance at a happier ending.

They hope to fly Areen to a waiting hospital in South America Sunday where doctors will perform the necessary procedures so his mother can care for him at home or a rehab facility.

The next couple of days are key.

"This is the next best thing to getting his life support pulled off," said Tumpa Banarjee, Areen's aunt.

It's a far cry from a perfect ending. But, as 14-year-old Areen Chakrabarti's aunt concedes, it's as close as her nephew might get, short of a miracle.

Areen's been on life support at Children's Hospital since an April house fire at his Bordentown, New Jersey home.

CHOP doctors says Areen is brain dead and should be taken off life support.

Now a hospital in Guatemala has stepped in, agreeing to perform the necessary surgeries so Areen can be transferred to a long term care facility in his home state where his mother can continue to care for him.

"CHOP is a monster," said Mother Rumpal.

Rumpal has kept vigil by her son's bedside. Even as the family has been locked in a months-long court battle with CHOP. Rumpal's resolve has hardened into anger and mistrust against the doctors she says are actively fighting to pull the plug on her son.

"As long as Areen don't get out from CHOP, there is no hope," said Rumpal.

Rumpal said news coverage of her fight against the respected Children's Hospital led pro-life activists to come to her aid. The family has raised the funds themselves for the long flight to Guatemala, the surgeries and the journey home. Meanwhile, Areen's court case sits with the state's highest appellate court.

"That's the reason we want Areen to be in this world. To know that, okay, he's suffered a lot, but there are a lot of good people who are helping him and Areen should know about them. Should be proud that he's in this world where there are so many wonderful people," said Tumpa Banarjee.

Areen's mother says she and CHOP are locked in battle over which ambulance company will transport the child to the airport over the weekend. She is asking for an outside company to come in. FOX 29 reached out to CHOP for comment. They had no information to share.