New Jersey man upset after he says mail carrier left package in driveway

A New Jersey man says the mail carrier didn't want to get out of the truck because of his dog so she just left the package right in his driveway. The man also says the dog ended up eating some of the package.

Jeff’s Rosenberger’s motion sensor camera is on a delay so it's unclear what happens before the video shows his dog named Monkey in the left corner going to town on a package Thursday morning.

"She apparently didn’t want to get out because of the dog and had put the packages right out the window of the truck into the driveway," Rosenberger said.

The video shows her pulling away while the dog was eating the package. Rosenberger gets alerts on his phone when the camera turns on and he wasn’t happy.

"You don’t understand someone’s dog—the temperament whatever—but the thing was people get medications delivered. The mail carrier didn’t know what was in those packages and didn’t care about the well-being of the dog it seems," Rosenberger said.

He called his local post office and FOX 29's Kelly Rule reached out, too.

A USPS spokesperson says their policy is to avoid dogs. He says management apologized and in the future, carriers will not leave anything in his driveway if the dog is out and will put a notice in the mailbox.

Rosenberger says it’s worth an extra trip for him, knowing just how bad it could have been if Monkey got into a package not dog-friendly. He also says there's an electric fence in the yard.