New Jersey shore towns brace for Mother's Day weekend storm

Mother Nature isn't in the mood this Mother's Day weekend. 

Forecasters are calling for nearly two days of continuous rain across the Delaware Valley, with bouts of heavy downpours and temperatures in the 40s. If that wasn't enough, the National Weather Service issued a region-wide Wind Advisory for damaging gusts. 

Forecasters expect areas along the New Jersey coast to shoulder the brunt of the weekend storm. The weather service warned about the threat of minor-to-moderate tidal flooding into throughout the weekend. 

Powerful winds will be ramped up in shore towns, with wind gusts that are expected to reach Gale or Storm Force along the coast. 

Nasty weather aside, people who plan on celebrating Mom at the shore aren't going to let the dreary weather impact how they show their appreciation. 

"It’s alright, it’s just great to be with my son, and I’m glad that he invited me down to have a Mother’s Day dinner at the beach," said Gwen Barret who visited the shore during Friday's round of rain. 

There is a sliver of hope to salvage any outdoor Mother's Day plans. FOX 29's Scott Williams says the showers will start to taper off on Sunday and could lead to some peaks of sunshine by the end of the holiday.