New Jersey teen recruits 'Boyz II Men' to help him with promposal

It's definitely not "the end of the road" for this New Jersey couple. In fact, it is just the beginning.

A student at Overbrook High School used his family ties to Philadelphia R&B group "Boyz II Men" to help him with his promposal.

Jalen Doggett, a junior, played a video of the trio asking his girlfriend, Anjeliah Chiodo, to go to the prom with him during morning announcements.

"This is for my nephew, he wants to take you to prom," said Boyz II Men member, Nathan Morris.

Anjeliah, who is a huge fan of the group, was shocked.

"I was so excited and nervous, I was like "this is unbelievable,"" said Anjeliah

Asking someone to prom has evolved over the years. Gone are the days when a one student could as another student to prom between periods. Now teens make full fledged productions that best most marriage proposals. It is kids like Jalen that continue to raise the bar.

"There's a little bit of pressure to ask and I was like "I can step up and do something greater," I wanted to do the best thing," said Jalen.

For Anjeliah, the epic promposal was unforgettable, but she planned on going with her boyfriend all along.

"I can't wait to see how we show off for prom," said Anjeliah.