New Jersey’s Department of Homeland Security warns of credit card skimmers

New Jersey’s Department of Homeland Security issued a warning to Garden State drivers about credit card skimmers and drivers have their guards up.

In a separate alert put out by Visa over the past few months, drivers are urged to use cash or credit and not use debit cards because of the direct link to your account. NJGCA Executive Director Sal Risalvato told FOX 29's Hank Flynn that’s good advice.

"It is less of a problem at New Jersey gas stations then elsewhere.  New Jersey has done a very good job of maintaining the ability to keep skimmers out of the gas pumps," she said.

He also says hackers have graduated from skimmers at the pumps.

"The new way that fraudsters do business is to place malware on the retail businesses’ computers.  And that, in effect, retrieves customers' information from the credit card and does not require a skimmer to be placed on the credit card apparatus," Risalvato said.

He adds that chip cards area great way to dodge skimmers and that New Jersey pumps must have chip card readers installed by October or the owner is liable for any fraud that occurs on them.


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