New murals offer hope for sick children fighting to feel better in North Philadelphia

Brand new murals are on display at St Christopher’s Hospital for Children and it’s all thanks to the non-profit “Splashes of Hope.” It’s a welcome distraction for children fighting to feel better.

Mikie Paduani has been dealt a downright unfair hand of cards at just eight-years-old.

But, one would never know that.

“My favorite part is when Dr. Halligan orders pizza,” said St. Christopher’s patient Mikie Paduani.

Mikie has spent a lot of time at St. Christopher’s in North Philadelphia since he was diagnosed with leukemia back in 2016.

He relapsed in November 2019 and is now on a 28-day chemotherapy cycle.

St. Christopher's Hospital for Children

“I have to get chemo, this new type of chemo. I’ve got to stay in the hospital forever,” Mikie proclaims.

Something this incredibly brave young man takes in strides, thanks to his mom and the wonderful staff at St. Christopher’s.

“It makes me feel more entertained, like I’m in the ocean in a movie,” Mikie explained regarding new art in the hospital.

The brand new mural, one of several that arrived at the hospital over the weekend, thanks to non-profit Splashes of Hope.

They are based in New York, but travel all over the country.

The work joins other displays founder Heather Buggee previously painted in the hospital.

And, all add some kind of Philly twist. For instance, a Benjamin Franklin electric eel.

Benjamin Franklin electric eel painted by Splashes of Hope at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children.

“They can be anxious and scared, so if they can have this activity, that can help them take their mind off of it and have it be a fun and educational experience. It’s ideal,” explained Heather Buggee.

“Some of the pieces may just look like art work to anyone who walks by, but many of them are seek and finds, so the kids have a list and they have to find the items,” Christina Conlin, Senior Childlife Specialist at St. Christopher’s explained.

Seek and find murals painted by Splashes of Hope at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in North Philadelphia.

Something Mikie says he really enjoys. And, he has some great advice for other kids going through something really tough.

“Be positive and think about other things and think about you’re going to be okay,” Mikie elaborated.

Find more information regarding Splashes of Hope here.


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