New partnership hopes improve Camden's Waterfront South community

A new partnership aims to make improvements to Camden's Waterfront South community.

Just weeks ago, the Camden neighborhood around Ferry Avenue and Filmore was dotted with abandoned houses, which were used by squatters, drug abusers and illegal trash dumpers. Community leader Carlos Morales and Police Lt. Gabriel Rodriguez say swift improvements are being made. It's all thanks to a new relationship between Camden County police and the Camden community.

"These issues have been calmed down—part of it because the community is comfortable to talk to police about problem areas. It's easier for police to go after that," Morales said.

Police say it helps that they now head up Camden's enforcement of housing and building codes. They are working to root out so-called slum lords and nuisance property owners while working with existing residents who don't want to be displaced but need help.

"There are a lot of great people in this community and we're here for them to support them. If you're here doing anything wrong, you shouldn't be. We're coming," Lt. Rodriguez said.


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