New Trend: Men Getting Botox

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Add another topic to the list of "trash talk" among men--Botox. But one local man is violating that code of silence and saying he's not the only one.

Soon to be 48-year-old Bryant Cyrus does all he can to keep his body tight, his wardrobe sharp, and his skin smooth and clear.

"I just think it's important to maintain a certain look," Cyrus explains.

A big construction account manager who trains site crews himself, he is constantly out at job sights getting his hands dirty.

Also a long time fraternity member of Omega Psi Phi, a "Que Dog," Cyrus is certainly a "guy's guy"--but he's not aging without a fight.

He's about to violate the "bro-code" against cosmetic facial tweaking.

"This is a first," he admits. "You know, I've broken so many bones and I've been thru so many surgeries that this is nothing."

Doctor Steven Davis knows how to give Cyrus the look that he's going for.

"I'm trying to keep it so there's still some animation, so he doesn't look frozen and still give him a bit of a guy's appearance," Davis says.

Cyrus received his first treatment and then it was time to go back for a follow-up assessment with Doctor Steven Davis

"I was watching Monday Night football and a buddy of mine said 'something looks different,'" Cyrus says.

Doctor Steven Davis goes back and tweaks what needed fixing. The treatment will last 4-6 months and Cyrus feels no threats towards his masculinity.

"There are ways to enhance a certain glow without feeling as though you're not a man's man," he said.