Newborn baby found abandoned in suburban field

FOX 32 NEWS - A newborn baby was found abandoned and all alone in the suburbs on Tuesday.

Someone walking by an empty field in Chicago Heights found the newborn. The baby was lying in a field off Glenwood Road.

The newborn is a baby girl and the chief says right now they are calling her "Baby Jane Doe." She was taken to St. James Hospital and is in good condition.

The man who found her said he wouldn't normally be walking through the field at the time of day that he was. However, he's so thankful he did.

James Turner lives in the apartment complex right next to the field where he found the baby girl.

A spray-painted circle in the grass now marks the spot where the infant was found. It was along a path used by residents as a shortcut to cut through the field.

Turner says the baby was crying, naked and still had the umbilical cord attached. He says it looks like the girl was delivered somewhere else and left in the field.

Police say doctors estimate the baby was about 3-4 hours old when found.

"No one is here to judge you, your baby is safe your baby is being well taken care of at St. James Hospital and someone those split decisions that you make are just what they are, they are split decisions and you could always change your mind and sit down and be able."