NJ drivers aren't seeing lower gas prices despite gas tax decrease

Jersey drivers are scratching their heads over why they're not seeing lower gas prices after the gas tax decreased by eight cents a gallon nearly a week ago. 

"I feel like they shot up a lot, especially over the past week," said Amanda DiMatteo. She pulled into this Wawa in Cherry Hill this evening but says lately she's been going other places where she can use her membership to save a little on gas. 

"I try to go to BJ’s Sam’s Club just to save like 20 cents a gallon almost and it's kind of disappointing because everyone is driving and this is a big chunk of money," she said. 

Madiana Mansaray has noticed the increase too. 

"For a while they've been going up consistently but now it's been like drastically," she said. 

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A spokesperson for AAA says consider this: prices never go down as quickly as they rise. Also, stations have already paid for the fuel in their holding tanks and not all of them received new deliveries last Friday when the new tax rate when into effect. Add to that the increase in demand and the price of crude oil. 

"I do not like it at all," said Ryler Harris. He says the increase in demand is affecting many industries. 

"That's with everything though not just gas. Even if you try to go buy toys if you wait too long, they might be a different price because they're not going to have as many. They'll be more limited, and you have to spend a premium for it," he said. DiMatteo says still it's disappointing. 

"I anticipated it to be pretty quickly, and it seems like it's done the opposite," she said. 

AAA says typically when demand drops in the fall and winter prices do as well, but it still depends on a lot of varying factors. 



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