NJ family sues school district after girl's suicide

A family mourning the loss of their child is now suing the New Jersey school district for not doing enough. The family of Mallory Grossman, 12, claims their daughter was a victim of cyber bullying that go so bad that the little girl killed herself in June.

"She was liked among her peers, she was active -- that still doesn't quiet the noise of girls who didn't like her," said Dianne Grossman, Mallory's mother. She said her daughter started getting bullied in October 2016.

"I believe adults can be ducks and let that roll off your back. But if you can think back to the time when you were 12 years old, your social status in middle school was the most important thing to you," Grossman said. "And so to have people humiliating and giggling and laughing about you behind your back saying these things. I think that's what we have to remember - that Mallory, here, is the victim."

Grossman stepped in and contacted the school monthly. She said the school was focused on academics and not concerned about Mallory's emotional well-being.

On June 14, hours after her mother and Mallory went to speak to school officials to stop the bullying, the 12-year-old took her own life. The family is now suing the Rockaway Township school district.

"They did nothing," said Bruce Nagel, the family's attorney. "They should have taken steps to bring in the children, bring in the parents and get this stopped."

In January, the superintendent released 2015-2016 results for how the district is handling the statewide Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act. This act requires personnel to address and respond to situations that may involve harassment, intimidation or bullying. The superintendent said the schools are doing a good job.

"We need to understand that dirty looks, snide comments, and things like that are important for the administrators to pay attention to," Grossman said.

The Grossmans are considering taking legal action against the parents of Mallory's classmates who wouldn't stop bullying their daughter.