NJ man indicted for allegedly throwing explosive device at state troopers

A New Jersey man has been indicted for allegedly throwing an explosive device at troopers of the NJ State Police. 

The incident began at approximately 8:13 p.m. on May 31, 2020. 

Kadeem Dockery, 29, allegedly lit an explosive device and threw it through the open driver’s window of a Trenton Police vehicle.

The device exploded and smoke began emanating from the vehicle. Shortly after, Dockery allegedly removed his T-shirt and gave it to another man, Killian F. Melecio, who walked around the rear of a second Trenton Police vehicle.

Authorities say Melecio and a third man, Justin Spry, allegedly inserted the T-shirt into the gas tank of the police vehicle and tried to light it on fire.

At that point, New Jersey State Troopers attempted arrests. Melecio fled as Spry allegedly resisted the arresting troopers. Dockery, Melecio and Spry all face federal charges filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey related to the attempts to burn police vehicles.

At approximately 8:21 p.m., New Jersey State Troopers were beside the second police vehicle, attempting to arrest Spry. At that time, Dockery allegedly crouched on the other side of the police vehicle, lit another explosive device, and threw it over the vehicle at a group of New Jersey State Troopers. He allegedly ran away as the device exploded at the feet of the troopers, causing one to suffer temporary loss of hearing.

"We will not tolerate violence directed at law enforcement," said Attorney General Grewal. "Dockery’s alleged actions might have resulted in serious injuries to the state troopers, who risk their health and safety every day to protect our communities. This indictment reflects our commitment to protect our law enforcement officers by prosecuting those who threaten or harm them to the full extent of the law."



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