NJ Transit board approves 15 percent fare hike set to start this summer

Attention riders, public transportation to and from New Jersey is about to get even pricier!

On Wednesday, the New Jersey Transit Board unanimously voted to approve a 15 percent fare hike for bus and train riders.

The fare hike will go into effect on July 1, and continue to increase 3 percent each year.

Fare Hike Prices

  • Bus (one zone local): $1.80
  • Bus (Jersey City to Port Authority): $4
  • Bus (Toms River to Port Authority): $24.40
  • Access Link base fare: $1.65
  • Newark Light Rail: $1.80
  • River Line: $1.80
  • Hudson-Bergen Light Rail: $2.55
  • Rail (Philadelphia to Pennsauken): $4.85
  • Rail (Princeton Junction to NY Penn): $18.40

It's the first increase in nearly a decade, and was proposed in response to a more than $100 million budget deficit. 

Commuters and state leaders have spoken out against the increase since its proposal.

Senate Republican Leader Anthony M. Bucco called it an "affront to every New Jerseyan struggling to make ends meet" after Wednesday's approval.