NJ Troopers rescue child, dog from hot car

Two New Jersey State Troopers helped save a 2-year-old child and a puppy from a hot car after they were accidentally locked inside.

Police say the woman was visiting Basto Village in Hammonton Township and was securing her grandson and the dog in the back seat of the car.

When the women went to open the driver door, she realized she had locked her keys in the car, and noticed they were on the passenger seat.

The woman called 911 immediately, and Troopers Sherry and Hodge arrived on the scene.

Troopers responded to the scene, and due to high temperatures and visible sweat on the child, they informed the woman that they would have to break the car windows to remove them from the car as fast as possible.

The officers then broke the window and removed the child and dog from the car. The child was then placed in an air conditioned patrol car while they awaited medics to check on the child's vital signs. Medics determined everything was normal and he was not in distress.

The New Jersey State Police posted about the incident on Facebook writing, "The appreciative grandmother taught us all a very valuable lesson. Secure your keys before placing children and animals in cars."