No deal yet, but Christie orders payment for 'absolutely essential' road projects

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ordered state officials to make money available for "absolutely essential" road projects.

That directive was included in an executive order Christie issued Wednesday night. It also directed that funds be made available for projects that are required to ensure the receipt of federal funding.

The Republican governor said the move was needed because the Democratic controlled-Legislature has not made any "evident progress" to pass legislation that would replenish the state's depleted transportation trust fund.

The order did not specify any specific road projects.

Christie had ordered a shutdown of most transit projects funded by the TTF in another executive order issued June 30. That came after he and lawmakers couldn't reach a deal about raising the state's gas tax.

FOX 29's Steve Keeley, in Pennsauken, noticed the gas price less than $2 per gallon but says there's concern about hitting potholes, and hopefully bridges won't deteriorate.

The 23-cent increase would be the largest gas tax hike in state history.