No foul language allowed at Temple University construction site

It's not something you usually see posted at a construction site of all places--a sign outlawing cursing. However, one company is hoping to keep it clean their language that is. They hope the sign will set a good example for all the Temple students walking by.

Construction workers building Temple University's new library are now being greeted with a sign. No foul language. Yes, on a construction site.

The ban on swearing didn't come after student complaints or even the university for that matter but it was the contractor Madison Construction who always tells its workers to keep in clean. You know-- for the kids.

"We try not to. We do have safety meetings about it and they want you to not curse. Foul language there are kids around here," said contractor David Buehler.

What do students think about the swearing ban?

"I don't understand the point of it," one student said.

Most of the workers we spoke with had no problem with watching their language but admit it's been an adjustment.