No injuries reported in Bethlehem train derailment

Emergency responders say no one was on board a cargo train that derailed and caused a pile of wreckage Tuesday afternoon in Bethlehem.

The train was operating remotely by Norfolk Southern when four cars derailed by River Drive. 

Allentown Fire Department says two cars came completely off the tracks and one broke in half, which caused a white substance to pour out. A spokesperson for Norfolk Southern says the only cargo aboard the train was non-hazardous materials such as plastic pellets, lumber and wheat.

The runaway cars also tore down some fiber optic cables that the rail yard uses for communication. Verizon was on the scene to fix downed lines.

Allentown Fire Department Captain John Christopher called the derailment was the "best case scenario," in that no one was injured and no hazardous material was spilled.

Norfolk Southern is handling the clean-up. An investigation into how the train left the track is underway.