No Quiero Taco Bell: Town fights proposal for new Taco Bell location

Jenkintown residents made their voices loud and clear about a proposal for a new Taco Bell in town.

It was a packed house as the borough officials heard strong reaction to a plan for knocking down a former funeral home--now office building--to build a new drive through Taco Bell on Old York Road.

"I'm going to be employing people and most of them are going to be from Jenkintown because again that type of business is mostly young people, "Joe Depascale with Summerwood Corp. said.

Taco Bell's franchisee and some officials say the plan would bring 32 new jobs to town, increase sagging tax revenue and give a shot in the arm local schools.

Some say it's not what the borough needs. Critics think a drive-thru that's open until 2am isn't the right fit. A petition has now started with more than 300 signatures to stop the plan from moving forward.

"My wife an I walk around town every single evening. Residents like Tim Dibble say this plan would ruin one of the borough's biggest features--walkability.

"The more you have these one story strip mall type of businesses whether it's fast food or any other businesses the more you destroy the character of this town."

The plan still has to get through a number of zoning board exemptions before it goes to borough council. If approved there could be a new building this time next year.