NOMO Foundation sponsors back-to-school 'Prep Rally,' giving children much-needed supplies and fun

One Philadelphia organization is at the forefront of the fight against gun violence, ahead of the back-to-school season.

The NOMO Foundation is front and center to keep children safe. Sunday, they offered children the chance to grab school uniforms, supplies and even haircuts, ahead of the first day of school.

"I’m looking forward to being a straight A student," one child remarked.

That’s the kind of enthusiasm and attitude that can come from being prepared and set up for success, according to NOMO Foundation Executive Director Rickey Duncan. "Today, we’re going to be giving haircuts, hair dos, city id’s, food, book bag supplies, cosmetics, everything!"

The event focusing on getting Philadelphia school children the best possible chance at success. Much of doing good is feeling good and the free hair appointments offered go a long way in giving students the confidence to do well in school.

The School District of Philadelphia starts the new school year with a new superintendent and old challenges, including asbestos filled buildings and youth gun violence. But, if Sunday’s any indication, the youth of Philadelphia is ready to shine.