Non-profit holds fundraiser to help aid efforts to clean up one of Philly's busiest streets

A non-profit organization gathered Tuesday to discuss ways to protect one of Philadelphia's busiest and longest corridors from the scourge of gun violence and crime.

North Broad Renaissance held its annual fundraiser at the Laborer's Training Facility, collecting money to "address the symptoms of gun violence and implement preventative measures." 

"North Broad at one point used to be one of the safer corridors," Executive Director Shalimar Thomas told FOX 29. "We want to raise money to help get ambassadors on the corridor and provide an atmosphere of safety." 

According to a press release, North Broad Renaissance is focused on revitalizing North Broad Street "from City Hall to Germantown Avenue." Their priorities include an emphasis on keeping the area clean, green and safe, while placing a priority on local hiring and improving the overall quality of life for residents and visitors. 


Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clark, who was in attendance on Tuesday, believes poverty is partly responsible for driving crime. 

"We have to get to these young people at an early age," Clarke said. "If you wait until 16-17 it may be too late." 

Gun violence and other destructive crime in North Philadelphia recently caused a local gas station owner to hire a team of armor-clad guards armed with AR-15s and shotguns. And a recent spate of violence targeting Temple students in off-campus North Philadelphia homes has put the community on edge. 

"We can not have a city where people no longer feel comfortable coming here," Clarke said. 

City council, according to Clarke, is looking at brining new crime-fighting technology to Philadelphia, including shotspotter gunshot detection equipment. He says they're also aggressively hiring police officers to help thwart ongoing violence.