Family alleges Norristown School Board president sent inappropriate messages to teen

Norristown School Board president Shae Ashe has resigned amid allegations he sent inappropriate messages to a teen.

A statement from his lawyer reads in part, "Mr. Ashe takes the concerns of his constituents very seriously. He denies any wrongdoing and points out that all allegations have been rumors, and nothing more." 

"Seeing the proof there how can you deny it?" said a mother of a former student in the district says Ashe's resignation comes as she's trying to get justice for her teen daughter. She asked FOX 29 not to show her face to protect her daughter's identity.  

"What grown man who’s married and has daughters, what if that was your daughter?" she said. 

She claims Ashe began liking her daughter's social media posts and sending her inappropriate direct messages through her Instagram account.  

"Like hey beautiful what are you doing? Do you want to hang out tonight? Something about I have Cashapp, I’ll send you money for your nails but what can you do for me, let’s have a sleepover and if only you were 18," said the mom. 

She added, "It started October of 2019 to July of 2021. She was 17 at the time. She turned 18 that following May."  

The mom says she just recently found out about the interactions when her daughter told a neighbor. 

"I tried to explain to her that I wasn’t mad at her. Do I wish she would maybe she came forth a little earlier? But she’s a young girl. They get scared," she said. 

The family says they filed a police report nearly two months ago. Meanwhile, Friday a little more than a dozen concerned community members rallied outside the school district. 

This mom says her daughter is discouraged. 

"She was nervous but because of his power and what he does she felt like it wouldn’t go anywhere. So, in the beginning when we were hitting a brick wall, she said this is why I didn’t want to say anything," said the mom.  

The Norristown School District says it's aware of the allegations but can't discuss any specific steps being taken but say they are cooperating with the DA's Office.  

The DA's office says it cannot confirm the existence of any investigation. 



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