North Carolina child says she hears 'monsters' in the wall, turns out to be 50K buzzing bees

Honey bees fly to a beehive in the city center. Photo: Sven Hoppe/dpa (Photo by Sven Hoppe/picture alliance via Getty Images)

A mother has gone viral on TikTok after she revealed that her little girl's complaint about hearing "monsters" inside her walls ended up being a swarm of 50,000 bees that somehow entered the family's home.

"Three weeks ago, we saw some bees flying around at the top of our attic vent, but nothing to be alarmed about," Ashley Massis Class of North Carolina told Fox News Digital via TikTok messenger. 

Class said she called pest control, and later beekeepers, to try to determine how the winged insects were able to get inside.

"After talking to several different beekeepers, who determined that the bees had not entered the house yet, the one beekeeper had decided to cut a hole in our attic wall in order to see where the bees were coming from," she added.

Class said the beekeeper brought a thermal camera underneath the floor of her daughter's room. 

The bees were able to get into the house through an attic vent via a hole that was smaller than the top of a pen, according to Class. 

Class said that getting the bees removed from her home was a task.

"The removal process has been quite extensive because all the honeycomb had honey in it," Class said.

"When the honey drips out, it gets into the floorboards and with a 100-year-old house, it got into each individual plank." 

Class said the beekeeper removed more than 100 pounds of honey and honeycomb from the wall. 

Class posted several TikTok videos about the experience of finding 50,000 bees in her daughter's room. 


One of her videos garnered at least 9 million views and more than 1,400 comments from users reacting to the shocking incident.

"I would honestly rather have monsters in the wall than … have 50k bees," one person commented.

"Welp. Time to move. Pack your toys, kids, we're going for a ride," another commented.

Some people claimed to have had similar experiences with bees entering their home.

"My parents didn't believe me when I said I heard scratching at night ... They did believe me when 1000s of carpenter bees collapsed my bedroom ceiling, tho," a woman commented.

"Omg, this happened to me in an apartment years ago," another user wrote.

Class replied, "Omg it's like a horror movie."

Class said she didn't expect her video to go viral.

"From the comments and messages we've received, we've realized it's quite common and a lot of people have been through it and that's why I think people identify with it," she added.

"It can happen any time, anywhere."

The family has been left with $20,000 in damages that are not covered by insurance from the bees, according to the family. 

Class said that it'll be at least two weeks before it can be confirmed that the bees are gone, and at least two to three weeks for home repairs to be completed.

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