North Carolina man says he'll buy his mom a house after lottery win: 'She’s very happy'

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A man in North Carolina said he plans to buy his mother a home after winning more than $500,000 in the lottery

Randy Williams, of Greenville, woke up in the middle of the night on Wednesday to check his Cash 5 numbers and found that he had won a $518,774 jackpot prize, according to the NC Lottery

"I’m going to buy my mom a house," Williams, 48, told lottery officials. "She’s very happy."

Williams said he couldn’t contain his excitement when he saw the amount he won.

"I just ran through the house hollering," he recalled. "I woke my mom up."

But she didn’t seem bothered to be woken up, according to Williams. 

"(My mom) was jumping up and down," he said. "She was so excited."

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Williams won the prize by purchasing a $1 Quick Pick ticket, according to the NC Lottery. He arrived at the lottery headquarters Thursday to collect his prize.

After required state and federal tax withholdings, he took home $369,627.

"I always knew I was going to win," Williams said. "It was just a gut feeling."

According to the NC Lottery, the odds of winning a Cash 5 jackpot are 1 in 962,598. 

Earlier this year, another man in North Carolina doubled his luck after winning $1 million in a lottery drawing in 2021 by winning another $2 million in a scratch-off game.

Pharris Frank, a 41-year-old from the small town of Advance, said he won the first prize near his home and used the money to help pay for his dream wedding.

In March, Frank was working out of town on a construction job and bought the $2 million Diamond Dazzler ticket in Morehead City, lottery officials said.

"I called my wife and told her, ‘I did it again,’" Frank said.

This story was reported from Cincinnati.