Northeast Philadelphia veteran seeks help finding lost documents

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) "I realized I left my portfolio on the bus,"

Keith Mitchell a Marine veteran is in desperate need of something he left on a SEPTA bus Thursday evening.

"Everything about me is in it my DD-14, my Social Security card, my birth certificate my, my whole life is in it. My military life and my resume," said Mitchell. He says he was on the 84 SEPTA bus headed toward the Franklin Transportation Center. He got off at Arendell Avenue and State Road in the Northeast when he realized he had left it.

He was coming from the Veterans assistance office in Center City to get help for his family.

"My family is going through a process where we're having to relocate and I was speaking to the Veterans assistance people downtown and they were helping us with the process of us moving and all the information was in there," he said.

He notified SEPTA to see if anyone may have turned it in but so far nothing. He's hoping someone will return it.

"I urgently need it to continue the process of getting my family moved."

SEPTA tells us they're in the process of reviewing video from cameras on the bus to see if anyone may have picked up the portfolio.