Nurse, 58, adopts twins with rare genetic condition: 'I just fell in love'

(INSIDE EDITION) - Twins with a rare genetic deformity that has left them with misshapen, oversized heads have found a loving home, thanks to a kindhearted nurse who wanted to adopt them both.

Three-year-old twins Matthew and Marshall Trepanier were born with Pfeiffer syndrome, which caused their skulls to develop incorrectly in the womb.

As a result, their heads are deformed and are much larger than their bodies.

"They weighed eight pounds but their bodies were the size of newborns, so most of the weight was because of their heads," nurse Linda Trepanier, 58, told SWNS. "Their condition means it would be hard for a normal parent to take look after them."

Trepanier, a mom of three living in Michigan, agreed to take them in as a foster parent when they were 4 months old.

When social services approached Trepanier and ask if she would consider adopting one of them, she decided to adopt them both, despite already having three older biological children of her own and three grandchildren.

"I just fell in love with them. I knew in my heart that they were my boys," Trepanier explained. "People struggle to understand. They say, 'Oh, those kids are going to tie you down.'"

Matthew and Marshall require round-the-clock care, she said, including checking on their temperature in the middle of the night to make sure there are no infections and making sure their breathing tubes are properly placed.

Over the last two years, the pair has had three operations to reshape the skull.

But, the nurse, who has fostered 16 other children in the past, said she has no regrets about bringing Matthew and Marshall into her family.

"They are a lot of hard work but they are also a lot of fun," Trepanier said. "Almost always if one twin laughs the other twin will automatically laugh as well. Everybody just falls in love with them."