Nurses express gratitude on National Nurses Day for outpouring of appreciation during COVID-19

Shawana Moore is overwhelmed by the show of appreciation and support for healthcare professionals every day but especially on National Nurses Day during COVID-19.

"I couldn't see myself being anything but a nurse but even more during this time of a pandemic," she said. Moore is also the Director of the Women's Health-Gender Related Nurse Practitioner Program at Jefferson College of Nursing and she sees patients at Osborn Family Health Center in Camden where she grew up.


"I always wanted to be in a position to give back to communities to educate women on proper health care," said Moore. That decision came after her mom who she calls her superwoman became ill and lost her ability to walk but then fully recovered with care at Jefferson.

"It was at that time that I really witnessed first-hand the impact of nurses and what nurses did for my mom," said Moore.

FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson also had the chance to thank Barbara Strain on National Nurses Day.

"We appreciate it. We love the support. We do," she said. Strain is a 15-year registered nurse in ICU at Chestnut Hill Hospital.

"We as nurses are adapting to the situation and we're looking out for each other," said Strain. She received a special show of support a week and a half ago from her husband and family.

"My three kids and my six grandkids and other family I haven't seen since the pandemic gave me a parade. Of course it made me cry. They made posters, gave my flowers and balloons," said Strain. And on a day that we're thanking her she's still thinking first about patients.

"My heart goes out for patients family members who can't be with their family too. We are in a sense being the hands of them by touching the patient’s hands and telling them they are loved," said Strain.


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