NY man turns tragic loss into honored tribute

Everyone copes with the loss of a loved one differently. One man from Upstate New York used the loss of his mother to fuel a creation that can be seen throughout the region.

Tim Roberts spends most of his time in an old New York wood shop.

"I would spend two to five hours out here, after work. Then, on the weekends, it’s all day," Roberts said. "I disconnect from everything. I am in my own little world. It is how my creative side comes out and I am at peace and I just enjoy it."

Roberts makes rustic bars, tables and bookshelves for people all over the country, but his latest project is a way for Tim to honor someone very special.

"She was definitely the sweetest person, ever. She was just remarkable and everyone loved her," Tim remarked.

Tim lost his mother, Kathy, to cancer nine years ago. He created hand-carved wings, made from black oak and pine, as a way to remember and keep her legacy growing.

"She has always been my guardian angel and I was drawn to do something to honor her. To put her in some creation of mine," Tim explained. "The minute I posted them up on social media, there was a lot of interest with it."

The wings now get photo shoot requests from as far as Upstate New York and as close as Philadelphia. They appeared at big events for the Red Cross and also honored the heroes at a local police K9 unit.

"When I made them, I thought that it was going to be this superficial ting for other people. It had deep meaning for me, but I really thought for everybody else, it would just be a photo opp. What I didn’t expect was for everyone else to have their own connection to the wings. To tell me the stories and to share these moments with people. That has been the best gift," he explained.

A great tribute, carved with the heart in mind. Anyone wanting more information on Tim’s Angel Wings, can get that information, here.



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